ANSTOSS 4 Edition


ANSTOSS 4 Edition

One third? Nah, I want at least a quarter.

In several rounds, players have to be convinced of the change and not only the amount of the offered hand money and paychecks play a role! Anyone who has earned a reputation as a grinder, owns a high density of competition in the squad as a luxury problem own or simply does not understand the language of the kicker: Together with 61 other factors, these are arguments that you with the help of sometimes costly “persuasion” ” to refute “. But do not worry, good job and good reputation will also allow for significant savings, should you a great stadium, fanatical fans or a perfect infrastructure to call your own …

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He is already convinced …

The first goal is to sell the biggest bottles. Is there still a pledge, great. Is there nothing, too good.

If then main trial, medical check and also the tug for the transfer with the donating club run successfully, so last but not least an auction on the transfer greedy manager. Here, it is necessary to prevail against up to three other clubs, which will sometimes offer very aggressive depending on their own willingness to invest.

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What to do after long successful years in the first leagues of Europe or the rest of the world? If, contrary to expectation, challenges actually crop up or the manager’s account is overflowing, a club may now be bought and managed at its own discretion. As budget can be given and the coach vigorously made steam until it unnerved throws the towel. Alternatively, however, the own home club may be led in this way from the lowlands of amateur football in the European top – depending on your mood …

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