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Let’s Start With The Most Important: The GAME

At the World Cup, I looked at Austria against Cameroon. On the one hand exotic, foreign culture, wild rites – and on the other side Cameroon!

After much thought, we decided to say goodbye to the 3D simulation. This is the result of many discussions, customer reactions and own demands for a realistic presentation of the game.

play a video game symphony

Live statistics, grades and meaningful comparisons are only possible within the framework of a 90-minute calculation and we can now present these requirements accordingly!

In an intensive preparation for the season, the game calculation has been significantly improved, so that more variable results, better map distribution and exact player scores are now standard.Whether telegram, results ticker, live statistics or table view: The amount of possible display options is overwhelming and leaves nothing to be desired – the new reference among the managers!

A big drawback of BUST 4: The text mode. Distracting windows and little varied texts often caused more frustration than fun. But now it’s over: Over 80,000 lines of text with goals, chances, fouls and other events now ensure that every game becomes a real highlight.


Thrill pleasing? In addition to the scene descriptions, the ticker informs about the scores in the other arenas.

video games live

3D fans should not be neglected in ANSTOSS 4 Edition 03/04 either, so the popular scene mode is making a comeback. Especially in top games or in duels against human players a great feature!

The fast and easy-to-use configuration makes it possible to switch display screens at any time, adjust the speed of the game, as well as the length and call probability of texts and scenes. Just build your own game!

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