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How to Select the Right Video Games for Your Kids

Kids nowadays are very fond of playing video games. Playing video games can serve as a bonding moment for you and your kid.

However, as your kid gets older especially when they reach their teenage years, their video game behavior does change. They choose to play with their friends instead with you, or they are seeking a much more challenging content and levels.

Modern parents, however, do understand that the change in video game habits in their children is completely normal and is also inevitable.

That is why, in same adult sports entails regulations for activities, participation, age and physical nutrition or enhancement, so parents must be very committed in enforcing gaming rules and select the right video game for their video game console for 7 year old

Today, people of all ages are fond of playing video games. In fact, the average age of a gamer of this generation in 33. That is why a lot of games nowadays are made for a specific age range, just like movies and TV shows. here are some tips to consider in choosing the right video game for your kids.

  1. Check the rating

You should first check the rating of the game if it is okay to be played by your kid. The rating, provided by a non profit organization called the Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB, is indicated on the game’s package or at the webpage when you choose to buy it digitally.

This rating can be found on both sides of the packaging. The front indicates the age rating while the back side, describes why it was rated so and what content of the game should the parents be concerned of.

  1. Be firm and consistent

It is natural for kids to demand something that is only for the older ones.

The child can be very demanding or be compassionate, but parents should be firm to their decision and say no to their kids if the game they want is deemed to be inappropriate for them. Most parents do not allow their children under the age of 18 to play games that are rated Mature.educational benefits of video games

  1. Turn on Parental Controls

The good thing about almost all video game consoles nowadays is that there is a built in parental control feature for parents to have a control over what games can their kids play.

Parental control is a feature that parents can use to handle the games that their kids play. This allows you to inhibit the games that your video game console can play depending on the ESRB rating you picked out.

  1. Do a research

Before buying a game for your kid, make sure that you have researched about it thoroughly. Check some reviews, screenshots, trailers, demos or even walk through to help you decide if it is okay for your kid.


Helping Autistic Children With the Use of App

The technology today made augmentative alternative communication or AAC devices a thing of the past. There are now a lot of apps that are specially designed for use with autistic kids. These apps aide in communicating with them and can be now easily be accessed using a smartphone and is now widely used by parents, caregivers, SPED teachers, pathologists and other professionals in autistic care.autism spectrum disorder

Apps have truly helped such children with special needs. Here are some of the most helpful apps that every autistic kid has benefited from.

  1. iConverse

iConverse is an AAC app that is very simple to use yet very useful. It was specifically designed for autistic children that are having difficulty expressing themselves through verbal means by providing them with some ways on how to express themselves.

As you launch the app, you will be presented with six tiles that represent the basic needs such as thirst, sleep and hunger. All they have to do is to tap the tile that represents their current need.

  1. Learn with Rufus: Emotions

This app isn’t specifically an AAC app but it can also help autistic kids by teaching them how to know emotions exhibited by him or the people around him. This app is very helpful to autistic kids especially that they are finding a hard time recognizing emotional cues from the people around him.aspergers symptoms

  1. Grace App for Autism

This app aims to cross the communication gap between an autistic kid and his parent, caregiver or friend. It allows the kid to express himself by choosing an order images that can spell out their needs. It also helps the kid communicate verbally by encouraging him to speak out the whole sentence.

Children with special needs such as autism requires our thorough nurturing and care. And with the help of these apps, autistic children can now express what they feel with ease and confidence.