Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with this attitude. I can assure you, it is much more important than that!

Just over a year after the release of ANSTOSS 4, the most successful football manager series goes into overtime. Above all, the development team used the past months to gather feedback and criticism and successfully implement it in the successor.

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ANSTOSS 4 is going to be an add-on, still a simple infusion of the predecessor in a new guise – here we are dealing with a complete new development! On the basis of the developed basics and philosophies now time could finally be invested in areas that had previously been simply too short: Events, new stadium construction, IPO, statistics, club finances – all this presents itself after a long rehabilitation phase now in good shape and well prepared for the new season!

For me, there is only “either-or”. So either fully or completely!

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But the ANSTOSS 4 Edition 03/04 offers more than a few new or well-known features, but not just more was added. Our project: Especially the most elementary areas of a football manager have to be constantly improved and developed, realism and suspense are the highest commandment!

Under “What’s new?” Let’s introduce you to major and important changes that will push ANSTOSS 4 back to the Master Throne.

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