Top 8 Playgrounds in Sydney for Kids to Have Plenty of Fun


Top 8 Playgrounds in Sydney for Kids to Have Plenty of Fun

Are you wondering on what to do in Sydney at the weekend with your kids? Then try to plan a trip to a new playground that they haven’t been to before. Am sure they will like a journey to new places that they are yet to explore. You can sit back and be enjoying a cup of coffee while you watch them having fun.

Below are some of the playground in Sydney that offers lots of stimulation for kids and also quality and comfortable amenities for parents as well.

1. Clontarf Reserve Playground Sandy Bay Road, Clontarf

This playground in Sydney is located in the northern beach and also excellent for an entire family visit. It has a shade which makes it suitable for children between the age of 0-12 years old. There are kiosks for parents to acquire hot foods, snacks, ice-cream, and coffee. They have lovely seating space and also serve free BBQ including shower and bubblier. During the summer, kids can even go swimming in the shallow water pool as there would be a hot wave and low tide at that period.

2. Flying Fox Playground, Mona Vale

Flying Fox playground was upgraded recently and also furnished with playing equipment for kids. The park is suitable for kids of all age group. It also has an adventure path carved out of stones of sea creatures.

It is an enclosed which make parent monitor their kids. Free BBQ is available for parents, and well-shaded tables are also close by which is fantastic for bike and scooter parks in western sydney

3. Bicentennial Park Playground at Australia Avenue in Home-Bush

This kid’s playing park offer something great for both the old and young. Kids will enjoy the adventure nature of the playground which has sandpit, climbing frame, slide, swings and also shaded sails. There are also facilities for scooter and bike riding. Also available there is a water playing arena where children and run around and do splashing for hours.

Lilly cafe is close to the playground for great coffee, drinks, meal, cakes and ice-cream. A bike shop is also close to the cafe where you can rent a bike for your kids to ride around for maximum fun. There are also seats and tables for free BBQ which is close to the playground, all you need do is to come with your sausage for a delicious lunch.

4. Darling Harbor Playground in Darling Harbor

This playground is a famous family spot which has plenty of playing equipment for children of all age group. There are lots of seating spaces and a cafe close to the playground for parents to have fun as well. They also have varieties of water features. The spider web playing equipment is also famous among the kids, including sand and sliding types of equipment. With McDonald located close to the park, lunch is within reach. Ping pong table(Table Tennis) and lots of grass space for older kids is also available.

5. Collaroy Beach Playground at Pitt-Water Road, Collaroy

This playground is an enclosed-shaded park which is suitable for kids between the age of 1-8 years old. But there are lots of open grass spaces for older kids to play and run around. Many BBQ seat and table are also with the park area.

They also have some takeaway cafe for lunch, ice cream and coffee across the road. Bathroom and toilet are close to the car-park. There is a fantastic rock-pool for kids to swim during summer while the adult can go for swimming at the patrolled beach.

6. Dee-Why Beach Playground at Dee-Why

Due to it recent upgrades, it has become a favorite family park for vacation and fun activities. They have two fantastic playground facilities. The smaller playground is close to the big car-park, at the back of the Dee-Why surfing club, while the second which is larger is at the southern end of the facility.

It has lots of seats and tables which makes it ideal for families who are with their young kids. There is an oval for older kids to play cricket and football. They have lots of excellent cafes, gelato bars and restaurant with subtle coffee and ice cream. Showers, rock-pool and toilet are also available close to the playground.

7. Cook Park Playgrounds at Rock-Dale

Cook park extends for almost 9 kilometers at the western shore of Botany Bay. It’s a fantastic spot for a family seat-out which offers virtually everything needed for an incredible day outside. There children playground provides exciting recreational activities for kids and also a lengthy bike track and walkway for youngsters to ride their bikes, scooters and roller-blades.

Also available in this lovely park is a shower, BBQ stands, changing rooms, toilets in some spots and even picnic seats and shelter.

There are restaurants and cafe located around the park and also across the road, where you can grab some snacks, coffee or a delicious meal. The park’s long walkway can serve the purpose of exercising for those that are interested in that and also for bike, skateboard, roller-blade and scooter riding.

Located next to the park, is Brighton Le Sands Beach which the adults can go swimming during the summer. Children who are having fun in this park will also enjoy seeing planes taking off and landing because its close to Sydney Airport.

8. Maroubra Beach Playground, Maroubra

Maroubra Beach playground is incredible for young and older kids due to its enclosure and shades. Also available in this playground is a skate park for kids who want to ride their scooter, bikes and skateboard. For adult during the summer, you can decide to take a dip in Maroubra Beach.

The park is close to the beach while the children construct sand-castles. Cafes and kiosk are close to Maroubra Surfing club which also have toilets and bathrooms. Also available there are stands for free BBQ and seat with shelter. Their car park is vast enough to take a large number of cars.

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